So, this is the final episode of the learning styles miniseries with a revelation that has almost certainly become apparent over the past four episodes – that, in order to allow each learner to both take advantage of his or her own strengths and preferences as well as improve in style areas in which he or she is weaker, Dr. McCarthy has found a way for us to work within each style during each lesson, unit, course, etc.

In this episode, we discuss how brain hemisphericity is integrated into the cycle created by the four types. The result is an eight step teaching and learning process.

Summary of video

  • Following the learning styles around the circle is the cycle
  • Brain research validates the importance of both left and right modes
  • The 4MAT system incorporates the four styles and two modes into eight steps
  • We followed the eight steps over the past four episodes
  • This has been a very basic introduction – more training is needed to use 4MAT fully


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