This second episode on learning styles digs into the more theoretical aspects of Dr. Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT system as it relates to learning preferences. After a quick activity to focus our imaginations on what we know so far about learning styles, we briefly check out Dr. McCarthy’s teachings on how the styles are developed by combining the two facets of learning – perceiving new information and then processing it.

Big Announcement – Time Sensitive!: Dr. McCarthy will be presenting a webinar this coming Tuesday, July 28, at 1:00 CST. Registration is free and you will get to hear from the founder of 4MAT herself about the fundamentals of the system and its possibilities in these challenging educational times. Don’t miss this opportunity if you can possibly attend! Part of each webinar from About Learning is a quick overview of the ways you can connect with them to learn more about the system. Remember, all I am offering here on 21CL is a very tip-of-the-iceberg summary.

I encourage anyone who wants to help kids learn to look into About Learning’s various training opportunities.

Summary of video

  • An activity you absolutely must do…
  • A gratuitous Ferris Bueller reference
  • A review of the four learning styles
  • How the learning styles relate to perceiving and processing
  • Some info on distribution of styles in various populations
  • A few traipses through the model we just created


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