Mastering the learning we have begun in episode one of the series on Learning Styles and then expanded upon in episode two is the goal of this session. By practicing and then extending (applying) our new knowledge about learning styles and preferences, we become even more conversant with the concept of diversity in learning and become even more fluent in ways of using our learning to effect positive change on those whom we guide.

Big Announcement – Time Sensitive!: Dr. McCarthy will be presenting a webinar this coming Tuesday, July 28, at 1:00 CST. Registration is free and you will get to hear from the founder of 4MAT herself about the fundamentals of the system and its possibilities in these challenging educational times. Don’t miss this opportunity if you can possibly attend! Part of each webinar from About Learning is a quick overview of the ways you can connect with them to learn more about the system. Remember, all I am offering here on 21CL is a very tip-of-the-iceberg summary.

Summary of video

  • A review of the 4MAT learning styles model
  • Using the model to enhance our hunching of others’ styles
  • Practicing hunching on media personalities / shows
  • Extending the practice to our personal circle of influence


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